The easiest way to earn money with WordLinx

WordLinx - Get Paid To ClickWordLinx - Get Paid To Click
WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
Earn more by referring other members!

Referrals 0 > View           > Ten Levels (system removed)

Referral Clicks $0.0000 USD Level 1
Visitor Purchases $0.0000 USD Level 1
Sign-up Bonuses $0.00 USD  (system removed) Level 1
Upgrade Bonuses $0.00 USD > Requires Upgrade

Total Earned
Referring new members - how it works...

The easiest way to earn money with WordLinx is to introduce new members to our site. This is called referring and any new users that you refer, or your referrals refer, will be added to your downline.

Verified - Earnings Example
Click $0.10 worth of ads per day - earn $36.50 USD!
10 of your referrals click the same amount - earn $73.00 USD!
3 referral upgrades on each level per month - earn $648.00 USD!
3 referral VL or PY upgrades per month - earn $720.00 USD!
Total extra cash per year: $1,477.50 USD!
How to refer - share links across the web...

If you see an advert that may be of interest to a friend or colleague, you can share the link by email, and on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Each shared link also contains your Referral ID, so you can earn from any person that views it and signs up.CLICK find out more. .CLICK HERE

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