Referral Banners pays members to display banners. $$

Referral Banners

How does it work?

Referral Banners is a combined banner network and referral system. Referral Banners pays members to display banners on pages or links, and also for referring other people.

How much does it cost to join?Referral Banners

This $$ making program is free to join and you can earn an unlimited amount.

Every time a banner is shown on a website or link, that counts as one banner impression.
Once you Join
 Referral Banners
 click 'Referrals' then click 'Referral Links'. Your member number is at the end of your main referral link address.

How much YOU could earn?

You'll earn up to $0.02  for every day that you display our banners on pages or links, and more when you refer other members to our program that do the same. Details below...
Earned per thousand views
Earned daily per active referral
Referral sign-up bonus (each)
Referral activity bonus (each)
Affiliate sales commission
Maximum earnings per sale
$0.10 for displaying banners daily - $36.50 per year
50 referrals display banners daily - $365.00 per year
20 referrals buy a Pro upgrade - $648.00 per year
5 referrals advertise monthly - $900.00 per year Pro earnings per year - $1,949.50 *
Sign-up bonuses are given for every member you refer that displays over 1,000 banners. Activity bonuses are given for referring members that display over 10,000 banners.

What is rCPM?

You get paid for every 1,000 real views on  banners. This is a unique twist on the conventional CPM banner model that fairly rewards members while providing high quality advertising.

You could earn more if You put banners on multiple sites.

Yes, you will earn money for every real view on  banners, so putting them on multiple websites or blogs, or shortening multiple links per day will earn you more. Displaying more banners will also generate additional referrals, so you'll earn more that way too.
Referral Banners
When you have matched  cashout criteria a link will appear at the bottom of the 'Referrals' page. You'll then be able to enter your email and other payment details.

Do I have to refer buyers?

Yes, just like any other affiliate program, in order to earn money you must generate sales (advertising purchases or upgrades). Prices start at just $5, so it's very easy.

I'm displaying banners, why am I not earning?

To earn with our rCPM model you need real people to view your published banners. These are visitors that have reached your pages or links naturally. Examples... Telling people / advertising your website address
Linking via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc
 People finding your pages via search engines
We do not count visitors that have been purchased and/or sent direct. Examples include...
Paid To Click (PTC) and 'bux' sites 
Manual / automatic traffic exchanges
Bulk sources, like pop-ups / pop-unders
However, these visitors may join as your referrals, so you can still earn from them.

You could join and earn even if I don't have a website.

Yes, you can still make money by sharing links or by referring other members.
 Referral Banners

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